:: GRAUS (Gram Unnayon Sangathon) Organization for Rural Socio-economic Development

Mission, Vision & Objectives


The Vision:
GRAUS is committed to rural integrated development, empowerment and building up of a sustainable environment.

The Mission:
The mission of GRAUS is improved access of the deprived to socio-economic development, enabling them to enjoy and live a better world for themselves and the future generations, with due importance towards sustainable environment.


The Objectives:
Taking consideration of all the prevailing social and economic obstacles in the target area, GRAUS has set down the following objectives for building up a sustainable eco-friendly society:

  • Build up friendship, unity and a model society by appropriate transfer of knowledge, co-operation, and by sharing experiences gained.
  • Create an environment and implement programmes in target areas for the introduction of compulsory basic education.
  • Create self-employment opportunities for the target groups comprised of the disadvantaged people.
  • Promote gender equity through empowerment of the women.
  • Promote child rights, and empowerment of the youth through awareness and trainings.
  • Arrange workshops and trainings on population control, mother’s health and natal care.
  • Arrange seminars, workshops and trainings on health care and hygiene for development of awareness of the target groups in order to reduce water-borne diseases, outbreaks of malaria, mother and child mortality rate, and check drug abuse.
  • Arrange workshops and training sessions for the illiterate farmers on modern agriculture, pisciculture, green revolution, etc. to update their traditional technical know-how and utilize the knowledge so gained in their methods.
  • Set up schools and hostels managed by community, for making general and technical education available for the rural poor students. 
  • Preserve and develop Ethnic peoples’ culture, tradition, languages and ways of life.
  • Provide and ensure access to safe water and preserve natural sources of water by providing environment-friendly methods.
  • Co-operate with the Government /Non-governmental relief programmes in the wake of the outbreak of natural disasters like devastating flood, cyclone, epidemics, fire, etc. by forming relief committees, as necessary.
  • Raise people’s awareness on environmental laws, land rights, forestry, preservation of traditional medicinal plants and eco-friendly sustainable agriculture.

Legal Status : 

a) Registered with the Department of Social Services,
Ministry of Social Welfare, under the Government of Bangladesh
Reg. No. :  Band-121/99 Bandarban Hill District.
Date        :  September 30, 1999.

b) Registered with the Bureau of NGO Affairs
Reg. No. : 2144
Date        : October 09, 2006.

c) Registered Member with International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
Reg No : NG/25322

D) Europe Aid ID:

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