:: GRAUS (Gram Unnayon Sangathon) Organization for Rural Socio-economic Development

Principles of the Intervention, Partnership Principle and Core of values


The principles of the interventions are as follows:

  • Deal fairly, truthfully and constructively in all transactions with all staff, stakeholders and partners.
  • Promote good judgment in protecting GRAUS’s goodwill.
  • Provide scope for individuals to work for and explore their potentiality.
  • Delegate authority, mentor staff and encourage risk-taking and creativity.
  • Prioritize diverse opinions in decision-making processes.
  • Respect cultural diversity in recruitment and selection of beneficiaries.

GRAUS partnership principles:

  • Transparency: Develops trust between partners which is foundational to a strong relationship, and where there is accountability for the desired results. A truest relationship provides a foundation for other opportunities to collaborate.
  • Equity: Leads to mutual respect between partners, recognising the value and important contribution each brings to the relationship.
  • Mutual benefit: Leads to sustainability as all partners recognise the individual and collective benefits of working together to achieve change.
  • Results oriented approach: Recognises that programme interventions must be relevant and practical to achieve measurable results.

The core values of GRAUS and its management:

  • Sympathy and fairness to humanity.
  • Stimulus to freedom of expression.
  • Promotion of and embracing cultural diversity
  • Ensuring transparency and accountability of GRAUS’s financial resources.
  • Timely Communication of clear standards and procedures in implementation processes.
  • Encourage teamwork among the members of GRAUS family.
  • Develop strategic partnerships and network.
  • Lessons are learned from others and ourselves.
  • Effective application of our resources.
  • Promoting innovative approaches.
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