:: GRAUS (Gram Unnayon Sangathon) Organization for Rural Socio-economic Development

Mission, Vision & Objectives


The Vision:
GRAUS is committed to a policy of integrated development of the deprived section of the society – empowering them and bringing in the resources to the easy reach of the target group.  It is dedicated to the development of a sustainable environment and life-support system.

The Mission:
The mission of GRAUS is to improve the access of the deprived to the economic resources for improving their lot, enabling the target population to live a better world for themselves and the future generation by combating the obstacles and disadvantages caused by years of negligence and political instability in the CHT region.


Taking consideration of all the prevailing social and economic obstacles in the target area, GRAUS has set down the following objectives for building up a sustainable eco-friendly society:

  • Build up friendship, unity and a model society by appropriate transfer of knowledge, co-operation, and by sharing experiences gained.
  • Create an environment and implement programmes in target areas for the introduction of compulsory basic education.
  • Create self-employment opportunities for the target groups comprised of the disadvantaged people.
  • Promote gender equity through empowerment of the women.
  • Arrange workshops and trainings on population control, mother’s health and natal care.
  • Arrange seminars, workshops and trainings on health care and hygiene for development of awareness of the target groups in order to reduce water-borne diseases, outbreaks of malaria, mother and child mortality rate, and check drug abuse.
  • Arrange workshops and training sessions for the illiterate farmers on modern agriculture, pisciculture, green revolution, etc. to update their traditional technical know-how and utilize the knowledge so gained in their methods.
  • Set up schools and hostels for making general and technical education available for the poor students. 
  • Preserve and develop indigenous peoples’ culture, tradition, languages and ways of life.
  • Provide and ensure access to safe water and preserve natural sources of water by providing environment-friendly methods.
  • Co-operate with the Government /Non-governmental relief programmes in the wake of the outbreak of natural disasters like devastating flood, cyclone, epidemics, fire, etc. by forming relief committees, as necessary.
  • Raise people’s awareness on environmental laws, land rights, forestry, preservation of traditional medicinal plants and eco-friendly sustainable agriculture.
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