:: GRAUS (Gram Unnayon Sangathon) Organization for Rural Socio-economic Development

Future Plan


GRAUS is committed to move forwards by continuing its mission of improving the quality of the life of the poorest and underprivileged people in its area of operation. GRAUS has been working to expand its programme in Bandarban Hill District. The following points highlight the future that GRAUS intends to work for the improvement of its beneficiaries and close cooperation with the stakeholders.

  • Development of indigenous people’s languages and culture; introduction of indigenous languages into the primary education curriculum in the region.
  • Development of sustainable agriculture in line with the traditional methods.
  • Introduction of pisciculture, poultry and livestock farming to the target groups.
  • Preservation of traditional medicine plants and herbs for encouraging the traditional herbal medicine to thrive alongside the modern medicine.
  • Empowerment of women for a dynamic growth of the community: committed to concerted action to ensure equal rights for women to achieve “equality, development and peace”, furthering the advancement of women.
  • Raise community awareness on land rights, legal rights and social rights.

With the rapidly changing environment in the hills, GRAUS has taken up a process of organizational development by reviewing its long-term objectives and strategy in terms of outreaching the communities and like-minded organizations. This when implemented fully will further improve its organizational and project implementation skills and services for the greater benefit of the indigenous people in the region.

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