:: GRAUS (Gram Unnayon Sangathon) Organization for Rural Socio-economic Development

Current projects and activities


Since its inception GRAUS has been working in partnership with distinguished NGOs and partners, both national and international as well as UN agencies.  Covering the variegated fields has empowered GRAUS and its staffs with skill and knowledge of implementing integrated development of the hill communities in the area.

Community Manage Local Health Services and Water & Sanitation - Partnership with Concern Universal

To improve the quality of people’s life with special emphasis on reproductive health and water & sanitation of hard to reach areas so that maternal, neonatal and infant mortality could substantially be reduced and to develop a model of sustainable health care system through the active participation of community people.

To ensure the local health services as well as to raise awareness, skill and knowledge on modern treatment for reducing moterlity and morbidity rates.

To improve the overall water and sanitation status through:

  1. Ensuring safe water supply providing feasible water options as per the topography of CHT
  2. Ensuring the use of sanitary latrines providing low-cost latrines managed by the community
  3. Enhancing behavioural changes on hygiene practices in term of households and personal


  • Baseline survey
  • Formation of Clinic executive Committee
  • Formation of women and adolescent group
  • Establishment of of Community Health Clinics
  • Training for Community nurses, Health Promoters and TBAs
  • Health care service
  • Treatment & diagnosis using laboratory
  • Water and sanitation facilities
  • BCC
  • Advocacy and networking
  • Establishment of business plan for the clinic sustainability <
  • Capacity building training
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